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History Lesson

A 52-year-old African American female reported for an annual eye exam. Her chief complaint was difficulty with reading. She indicated she had an ocular history of medullated nerve fibers in the right eye diagnosed by another practitioner many years ago. She also indicated she had a family history of glaucoma (grandmother). Her systemic history was significant for hypertension, for which she was properly medicated. She denied allergies of any kind.

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Bullae or Bust

37-year-old Hispanic male presented to the emergency department with complaints of blurred vision in his left eye for six months. He reported that his vision had drastically worsened over the preceding week. He denied any active pain or inflammation in his eye, though he did note an episode of photophobia and redness that had occurred in the weeks leading up to his rapid vision decline.

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Neovascularization: A Small Solution to a Big Problem

Proliferative retinal diseases are one of the leading causes of vision loss worldwide. Many treatments are aimed at reversing these conditions and preserving visual function. However, in order to do so, timely diagnosis and management is vital. As complications can be severe, more effective therapeutic solutions are continuously being evaluated.

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Herpes Hassles

A history of HSK is not always a contraindication for CXL; active infection is.

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RP Prognostication

Genetic information can provide insight to inheritance patterns, severity and ultimately disease prognosis. All this information together can help the doctor provide optimal patient care.

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2023 Year In Review

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May 15, 2022


Bringing Incisions and Injections to Your Clinic

This article—the first of a four-part series on optometric scope expansion—discusses how to incorporate these services into your practice flow.

Combating Dry Eye Through Communication

Proper education will lead both you and your patients to successful outcomes.

Ease Into Next-Level Dry Eye Care

Take your practice from beginner to advanced with these steps.

Four Hidden Lifestyle Risks Associated with Dry Eye

How ODs can help their patients reduce the expression of DED in their daily lives.

How to Use Dry Eye Questionnaires in Your Practice

These handy tools can help you better understand patients’ symptoms to guide a diagnosis and formulate treatment.

Visual Hallucinations in the Dementia Spectrum

Be proactive in asking patients questions and understand the risks they certainly face.


Bullae or Bust

Here’s what’s on the differential for unilateral corneal edema in a white and quiet eye.

Clinical Pearls in DED

Follow these steps to build a successful dry eye practice.

All Over the Map

Optometric scope of practice remains a patchwork of laws that change the parameters of care haphazardly from state to state.

Demands of the Job

Start acting like a business owner or you may not have a business to own.

Herpes Hassles

A history of HSK is not always a contraindication for CXL; active infection is.

History Lesson

How to proceed when a patient’s report of their medical status doesn’t match your clinical assessment.

Neovascularization: A Small Solution to a Big Problem

Quick identification and effective treatment of proliferative retinal disease is necessary for optimal outcomes.

Recognize Shortcomings in Racial Categories

We should follow expert guidance and understand that race and ethnicity are social constructs that too often over-generalize.

RP Prognostication

Genetic testing can provide patients better perspective on how to handle this heritable disease.


Practice Pearls

Expert clinician Paul Karpecki, OD, provides practical insights and management strategies for a wide array of ocular conditions.

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March 2022 • 2.00 Credits

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March/April 2022
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